New Comics Update for 9-23-20!

Hey, everybody!  And by everybody, I mean the at most three people who my WordPress metrics tell me are my regular “audience!” And if it is just the three of you, well, I am grateful for each of you. However, I’ve been at this for a while now, and a regular readership of maybe three […]

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New Comics Update for 9-16-20!

For those (few) who’ve actually been keeping track, the game of catch-up continues here at the MRC, as we take a look at the new comic books that I picked up on September 16, 2020! And, hey, since that’s what we’re here for…let’s get to it! Belle Hearts & Minds One-Shot #1: You may have […]

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New Comics Update for 9-9-20!

Ahoy, there, readers!  Yes, once again, the New Comics Update is running a bit behind in the ol’ non-schedule!  Personal stuff ate up my blogging time, as it is wont to do. But, hey: We’re Back!  And back on September 9th, 2020, I only picked up three new comics!  This is gonna be a breeze, […]

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New Comics Update for 9-2-20!

Okay, people, this time around, we have 15 New Comic Books to talk about! So…let’s get to it! Ascender #12: That is both an absolutely great cover and also a cover that looks dangerously like it’s meant for a final issue of a series, right? Lucky for me (and all of you who should of […]

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New Comics Update for 8-19-20!

Hey, look at me, trying to play catch-up!  Yes, it’s already time for another New Comics Update here on the blog! Don’t worry, I haven’t gotten industrious or anything; it’s just that I only have four new comic books to talk about from August 19th, 2020, eh? And what do ya know?  Here they are! […]

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