Indie Comics Spotlight Presents: More Blue Moon Madness!

Hello, and welcome to another Indie Comics Spotlight here on the MRC!

This time, the Spotlight swings back around on one of my favorite newly emerging independent comics companies: Blue Moon Comics!

If you want to look back on my earlier coverage of this promising publisher, simply follow this link!

First up, we’re going to take a look at the latest issue of Blue Moon’s current “flagship” title, Diversions #2!

1 Diversions 2

A Spinner Rack Between Two Covers!” is a great slogan, but it’s more than that in this case. Each issue of this series so far has featured stories from a variety of genres, and this time around, there are no less than four different types of tales for readers of all tastes to take in! There’s a Western, some Sci-Fi, a bit of Horror, and even some good old-fashioned Superheroics on display in this issue, folks!

Four genres?  In this economy?

Hey, just take a peek at the Table of Contents for this issue if you still have doubts!

2 Diversions credits

Taking a lead from that table, I reckon we can mosey on over to page 3 and take a look-see at thet thar “Guns & Rosa” story, okay pardners?

Just in case this actually is yer first rodeo, head honcho Lloyd Smith has kindly provided this handy-dandy Caption Box to bring you up to speed:

3 guns and Rosa concept

And, as nice as that summary is, just take a look at how good the page is that plays host to it, eh?

3.5 GnR splash

That’s an excellent opening splash page, isn’t it?  A nicely worded summary of the series pitch, a few well-placed narration boxes setting the scene, and a drawing that gives you all the rest of the info you need to get on with business.

I really like Joe Koziarski’s work here. I can’t say that I’d seen much of his stuff before the first chapter of this story back in Diversions #1 and the pervious installments of the Midnight Stranger in the Blue Moon Spotlight series from Lucky Comics, but I want to see more Western stories drawn by him when this one is over, for sure. 

I can’t share too much of the art from these stories without spoiling the plots, as they are all short features, but I can show you these two excellent panels by opening splash page featuring Rosa and her horse.  They’re nice to look at, and they’re educational, too!  Each one teaches a valuable lesson:

4 guns and rosa shovel

  1. Never bring a shovel to a gunfight.

5 GNR gents

     2. Rosa will show you how to be polite, mister rude shovel-man.

 As I said, I can’t show you much more than that, but I’ll just say that Rosa is on a mission of vengeance, and this is not the final chapter of her story.  

For the next feature, we leave the Wild West behind for the infinite depths of outer space!

Other Worlds” is the retro-sci-fi running feature in this series, and each story features a different cast and setup.

This time out, we’re off to meet he who is known as:

6 Kaduum logo

Yes, “Kra-Kaduum,” the unstoppable conqueror who does all of the fighting for an evil alien empire!  One day, however, the movers and shakers in that empire realize that there may be a slight problem with their irresistible living engine of conquest:

7 the rub

Unlike most meetings you’ve attended, a plan is actually formed in this one, and that plan is even carried out successfully!  But…perhaps such hastily made plans have unforeseen consequences?  Read this issue of Diversions to find out!

Next, we come back down to Earth, but in a era closer to our own, for a horror story taken from the depths of:

8 Vault intro

Yes, Mister EEEE is the host of this running feature, and fine addition to the halls of Horror Hostdom he is!

It’s a great story, but I can’t show you much of it, as this genre in particular relies on the element…of surprise!

I will show you this panel from the first page, which sets up the story nicely:

9 the rub

The art in this tale by Ian Groff looks like it was ripped right from the pulpy pages of Warren’s Eerie or Creepy magazines from the back in the day, and I am here to say that I really dig it.

Bringing this issue to a close, good citizens, is the tale of Blue Moon Comics’ own signature superhero…the Night Spider!

Don’t believe me?  Hey, would this nifty logo I pasted below this line right here lie to you?

10 Night Spider logo

I love that the hero just happens to be swinging by, in the actual story, so that he can be screen captured right next to his logo.  Maybe it’s no a logo at all; maybe it’s a slightly disembodied word balloon, and Night Spider is actually shouting all of that to the streets below as he arrives on the scene?

Yeah..I like that.  In my head, that’s what’s happening.

Also, at the bottom of the page, I have decided that he also shouts this title to the assembled officers and civilians:

11 NS title

Okay, I’m having some fun with this one, but in my defense, this is a fun little superhero story.  Also, the art by JW Erwin is just great. Just look at this panel of Night Spider swinging along through the city:

11.5 NS swing info

You also get a lot of good background information in that panel, without feeling like the story screeches to a halt to dump a ton of exposition mulch off at the edge of your driveway or whatever.  (Just act like that made sense to you, eh?)

Here’s another great shot, and another example of our hero thinking on the move:

12 NS swing

This Night Spider story is actually going to be a two-parter, so we are treated to this excellent Next Issue Box as the issue draws to a close:

13 NS next

Each issue of Blue Moon Comics also features “Blue Moon Madness,” a kind of “Bullpen Bulletins” for this up and coming company:

14 BM Madness

But wait!  There’s more!

Specifically, there’s one more book from Blue Moon Comics to talk about!

And, let me tell you: it’s a special one!

It says so right there on the cover of this: the Ash-Aman Special Edition!

15 Ash Aman cover

I may have mentioned wanting to see a blacklight poster made of an image in my previous post.  Assume that I have repeated that statement here.

The story pages behind this cover were released previously as individual chapters in Fun Adventure Comics from Will Lill Comics, and I read them as they came out.  

Needless to say, I liked them so much that I did not hesitate to buy them again when they were collected into this Special Edition and represented under Blue Moon’s own aegis.

I could try to summarize the tale being told here, but Lloyd Smith does a far better job of it on this awesome introductory page for the issue:

16 Ash Aman intro

Now, broken record in “human” form that I am, I still don’t want to spoil too much of this story, but this is a 32 page comic book, and I simply have to show you how cool Russ Martin’s artwork is! I’m just not certain that a mere mortal like myself is even capable of such a task!

So, I will instead show you the four major splash pages and/or splash panels from this issue, and let them say what I cannot!

17 Ash Aman pg 1

18 Ash Aman splash 2

19 Ash splash 3

20 splashaman 4

Were those not amazing?  Is not your fragile mind blown?

Seriously, those are incredible pieces of work, and the whole issue is like that, folks!

This is Blue Moon Comics‘ epic saga of cosmic power and ultimate tragedy!

Really, this is great stuff.

And what’s more, you get this excellent pin-up on the back cover, too!

21 ashback

Okay, folks: you’ve seen the goods, now it’s time to…Follow the links!

Blue Moon Comics Group on Drivethru Comics!

Diversions #1 on IndyPlanet!

Go out and get those books, people, and let me know what you think of ’em!

Until you do: I’ll be Max.  And I’ll be reading comics!

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