New Comics Update for 7-1-20!

Hello and welcome to a very brief but almost on time (by this blog’s standards) New Comics Update!

I only picked up five new comics on July 1st, but they were all pretty darned good!

Let’s take a look at ’em, shall we?

All America 1

All-America Comix #1: This book has some behind-the-scenes drama attached to it, being a purposely obvious re-imagining of the creative team’s cancelled “America Chavez” series originally published by Marvel Comics. I never actually read that series, as I just haven’t been all that into Marvel’s continuity-tied books for a while, and that’s partially why I gave this issue a shot.  You know, let’s see what this team can do with their character when they’re not bogged down by Marvel editorial and the curse of constant crossover “events,” eh?  Do you think I’ve mentioned Marvel a lot in this post?  Well, so does this comic book!  Not directly, of course, but one thing this series needs to get over quickly is the sense that it is thumbing its nose at the company it left behind. That, and the conceit of having the main character narrate the issue through her Instagram posts or whatever.  That is gonna look dated in like six months.  All that being said, the art by Dustin Nguyen is of course excellent, and I was left intrigued by the story more than enough to stick around for issue #2!

Billionaire Island 2

Billionaire Island #2: After an unfortunately long pause brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, this series picks right up where it left off, and it does so exceedingly well.  You could potentially pick up this issue and start right here, in fact, and not because there’s a surplus of clumsy exposition or ham-fisted flashbacks, either.  No, this is just a really well-told story that brings you up to speed even as it moves forward.  It’s also packed with razor-sharp social commentary, even if some of the humor, especially in the first few pages, is a bit too on-the-nose and potentially dated “Lewis Zikay?”…..I mean, yeah, but…really?  Is that gonna age well?  Nitpicks like that aside, I recommend this series to everyone who like thoughtful comics that do not forget about the action and entertainment factors.

King of Nowhere 3

King of Nowhere #3: They mystery and weirdness deepen, even as the cast knits together more tightly and begins to feel more and more like “regular folks,” despite being,  in some cases, anthropomorphic fish, or birds, or cats, or people with dozens of eyes in their face.  This series has already become a new favorite of mine, for sure.  Read it, people!  There’s only three issues to catch up on!

Olympia 4

Olympia #5: This heartfelt and excellent series comes to its planned end and leaves you wanting more.  This was a fine tribute to the writer’s father (who also helped create the series), and a damn good comic book, besides.  The story’s complete now, so if you were waiting: go get it all right now, eh?

STY5 12

Star Trek: Year Five #12: Part two of the Gary Seven vs. the Enterprise story unfolds and brings with all manner of surprises, along with excellent character moments (especially for Kirk), and the usual heaping helpings of great classic Trek flavor that this series usually delivers. Some of the violence seemed a bit over the top in a couple of places, but I’ll let that slide.  I’m glad that the series isn’t over, as I was starting to suspect that this would be a 12-issue mini-series in all but name, as often happens these days.  Great stuff!

And, there we have it!  A nice, short update this time around!

Don’t worry, though: I’m working on a pretty massive Indie Comics Spotlight right now, and the next New Comics Update looks to be significantly bigger than this one.

So, you know what that means: I am Max.  And I’m reading even more comics!

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