Indie Comics Multi-Spotlight for 2-1-20!

Welcome back to the Indie Comics Spotlight here at the MRC!

This time around, the Spotlight is going to shine down upon more than one book, as I picked up a bunch of independent comics back on Feb 1st, and I think it’s better to just tell you about all of them at once.

If I took the time to write up a full Spotlight post on each one of these, I’m not sure when I’d get them all out there, and I’d like people to know about these books while they’re all still relatively new, eh?

So…let’s get to the books!

Diversions 1

Diversions #1: This is the debut publication from Lloyd Smith’sBlue Moon Comics” company, and it’s an anthology with three short stories contained within.  Each story covers a different genre, from Superheroes to Science Fiction and even a good old fashioned Western.

The stories themselves are a bit uneven, with the lead “Night-Spider” tale featuring great art by JW Erwin, but a bit of a by-the-numbers, if enjoyable,  superhero outing.

The second story (“Other Worlds“) also has excellent art by the recently departed Donnie Page, but is easily the weakest story of the three.  If you thought the characters in the movie “Prometheus” behaved irrationally, just wait until you meet the “hero” of this tale!  Also, the twist ending is odd. I don’t want to spoil it, but it’s hard to imagine that this kind of thing could be possible without the characters involved having long since known about the possibility.  Still, it’s all in good fun, the art is great, and it’s only a few pages long.  This feature promises to be more episodic in nature, so you know: better luck next time.

The third and final tale, “Guns and Rosa,” is the strongest story in the book, with nicely stylized artwork and a nicely executed tale of revenge in the Old West.  Also: “Guns and Rosa” is the title you know that you wish you thought of first.

Night-Spider and Guns and Rosa will continue in the next issue. and I’m assuming there will be an entirely different installment of Other Worlds on hand as well.

Diversions may be the first book from Blue Moon Comics, but it’s not the first Blue Moon Comic I’ve read: Lloyd published a few issues of the Blue Moon Spotlight through Lucky Comics a while back before deciding to strike out on his own with this new venture.

You can find this issues of Diversions at: Drivethru Comics, and no doubt eventually at Indy Planet, where several other books by Lloyd Smith are available for download or in print.

Indestructible 2

Indestructible #2: Yes, this says “No.2” on the cover.  No, there isn’t any “No.1” out there.

Why is that?  Well, you see, the first part of this story actually appeared in the debut issue of “Sandstone Comics Presents.”

That book was Kickstarted a while back, and soon after the fulfillment of that project, the decision was made to focus on breaking out some of the individual stories for future projects.

Hence: “Indestructible #2” was launched on Kickstarter all by itself, funded successfully, and soon thereafter…a PDF appeared in my inbox!

So, that’s how it came to be, but what IS it, you ask?

Well, it’s a comic book about a superhero.  Good night, everybody!

Okay, fine, have some more detail, then.  Geez.

Indestructible is the story of a superhero whose city might not want him around, and whose powers..are slowly but surely killing him.

And, if that wasn’t enough, there are dark forces conspiring against him from outside the edges of reality itself!

…If that’s not enough for you, there is also a talking chimpanzee wearing a space suit.

I mean, come on, people: you like comic books, right?

And, if you do, and you’d like to read this one, you should know that Sandstone Comics is only giving digital copies of their books to people who back their Kickstarters.

They are, however, selling physical copies of all of their titles at various comic shops, and directly to readers who contact them via their Facebook page at:

Sandstone Comics Presents!

All of the Sandstone releases have been excellent, and there’s even a new Kickstarter for a brand new series by Sandy Carruthers called “Century Man” that you still have time to support right now at:

The Century Man #1 Kickstarter Page!

Go check it out and put your money behind some great indie comics, eh?

And, speaking of such things….here’s three more!

John Kirby 1John Kirby 2John Kirby 3

John Kirby: Firefox #1, #2, & #3: One of my favorite indie series of the past few years has been Fun Adventure Comics from Warren Montgomery’s Will Lill Comics imprint. By all means, follow those links back there and pick up every issue of that series right now.

Now, while Fun Adventure was an anthology series, John Kirby: Firefox is a solo title featuring the origin story and continuing adventures of the titular hero, and it is a blast in a very classic, bronze-age-superhero-comics way.  And that is a thing that I very much like, people.

The three available issues are indeed an origin story, but fear not: things actually happen! The hero appears in costume in the very first issue!  Things get hectic, and very cosmic, really quickly in these pages.

There’s a sense of wonder here, too, and an epic scope that hints at Jack Kirby’s Fourth World books without simply imitating them.

I have to mention that this is an independent comic book, and there are some misspellings and typos in these issues that will be hard to ignore, but if I can get over them, I’m pretty sure you can, too.  And you should!

Really, folks: this is a fun, classic-style superhero series with crisp, clean art, and no pretensions holding it back.  If that’s the kind of thing that you say you’ve wanted to see out there in the world of comics, well guess what?  Here it is, eh?

And, you can get all three issues for a really cheap price in this:

John Kirby: Firefox Bundle at Drivethru Comics!

So, you know: go get that!

Zindagi 7

Zindagi #7: Here we have the seventh issue of a series that I really should have been writing more about here on the MRC. I’ve been reading this series since it debuted, and I really want to keep reading after this issue.  More on that later.  For now…what is “Zindagi?”

Well, for one thing, the word means “life” in Hindi.  The author/artist/creator Ken Bouthillier has based a lot of this cosmically spiritual epic on Hindu mythology, and that is only part of what makes this a very unique and enjoyable comic.

The story at large focuses on a being, known as, you guessed it, a Zindagi, who along with her counterpart Guardian, is supposed to see to creation and infusion of life into a brand new world.

The problem is, her Guardian is killed.

Now, this lone and lost Zindagi is roaming unfettered through space, unsure of her purpose and quested after by those who have their designs upon her fate.

It’s a really ambitious series, made even more so by the fact that it’s this creator’s first ever attempt at making a comic book.

If that’s not impressive enough, there’s also the fact that Ken gave away all seven of the existing digital issues for free.

No, he really did.  Just go get them, right here:

Zindagi Comix at!

Wasn’t that nice of Ken to give you all of those comics for free?  Well, yes, it was.

And you can return the favor by helping Ken finish the story by following the link below:

Zindagi Graphic Novel Kickstarter

I really want to see this book happen, and at the time of this writing, there’s only 13 backers signed on, including myself.

That is simply not okay.  This is a great new book created by someone who has poured their heart and soul into a project that really means something to them, and they’ve done so to great effect.

What, you need more proof that Ken is one of the brighter lights of the modern indie comics scene?

Well, how about this?

Through his early dealings at Lucky Comics, Ken became acquainted with one Jim Gullett.

Jim produced various works for Lucky, including what I considered to be a very cool three issue run on a book called “Crom the Barbarian.”

Now, if you go to that link, you may come away thinking that Jim’s art is a bit different than what you might normally see out there these days.

I happen to like his style very much.  I find it raw, entertaining, and filled with a frenetic kind of energy.  It’s got an old-school “underground comix” edge to it, and I quite dig it.

I’ll admit, though, that Jim’s style might be something more of an acquired taste for others.

Jim seemed to have discovered that himself, as he had once published a series before Crom that didn’t gain much traction.  As a result, until his chance to work with Lucky Comics came around, it seemed like Mr. Gullett had given up on his artistic pursuits in this direction.

Enter Ken Bouthillier.  Ken saw a lot of the same qualities that I did in Jim’s art, and he actually did something about it.

For one, he hired Jim to do the pencil art for Zindagi #7.  Ken inked the work, and I think that their two styles worked perfectly together.

What’s more, Ken convinced Jim to continue his original comic book series under the Zindagi Comix imprint, and therefore the world has can now bear witness to:

Robolords 1

Robolords Volume 2 #1: This post-apocalyptic series jumps right into an Earth that has been invaded and overrun by a “Robotic Legion of Evil!

No time is wasted, no mercy is granted, and no ammo is spared in this breakneck blast of an 8-page ride into the world that might already be on its way from the darkest depths of space!

I mean, this book a freaking blast.  There are two issues out already in this second volume, and you can get them both for free right here:

Robolords at Zindagi Comix!

Charge up your photon chainsaw rifles and jump in, human!  There are demonic robot monsters just waiting to be destroyed!

ALL RIGHT, PEOPLE, how’s that for a new Indie Comics Spotlight?

I know I usually use these posts to focus on one title or one publisher, but it’s been a while, and there’s just been too many cool indie books building up in my (virtual) pile during the break!

Let me know if you check any of these titles out (and tell them who sent ya!), and also let me know if there’s any other super cool indie comics out there that I need to be reading, eh?

Because as you may have heard: I am Max.  And I read comics!

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  1. Thanks so much for the kind words Max. Zindagi will have a epic conclusion never seen anywhere in comics before. It will be something special. For me, it’s a labor of love and I gotta get this story out of my head! Thanks to all our readers!

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