New Comics Update for 2-5-20!

Welcome back to another new and “regular” New Comics Update here at the MRC!

It’s a light one, as I only picked up three new “non-independent” comics last week, which brings me to a question:

The books I’m posting about here are from relatively small publishers, at least, compared to DC or Marvel, so…aren’t they ALL “Indie Comics” around these parts?

The way I usually make the distinction here on the blog is like this: If the creators have a company behind them, no matter how small, publishing a book for them, then the book does not qualify for “Indie Comics Spotlight” status.

The spotlight is therefore reserved for books that are either actually or virtually self-published; labors of love toiled over for no little to no reward by people who invest countless hours (and plenty of their own money at times) into creating a comic that will likely never actually actually make them more than a few dollars profit, if that.

I know: many of the books published by Image (etc) don’t make their creators any money, either.  Ain’t that “indie” enough?

So, my question is:

Should I continue to separate the New Comics Updates and the Indie Comics Spotlights?

I could combine them, and then just occasionally do a “deep dive” review like the current Spotlights on just the occasional book here and there, or I could keep things the way they are….

If anyone’s reading this, feel free to let me know whatcha think!

For now…let’s get to the books!

After Realm 1

The After Realm #1: Here we have the debut of a new quarterly title that focuses on a Norse Elf who accidentally screwed things up after Ragnarok when she was a young girl, somehow managing to make the end of the world even worse.  The viewpoint jumps from her past to “present day,” when she’s a young adult (or the Elven equivalent) dealing with the mess she helped create.  It’s a well executed book, with great art, but I worry about the quarterly schedule and how that will affect the flow of the narrative over time here in the “real” world.

Captain Ginger 1

Captain Ginger Season 2 #1: This book picks up more or less right where it left off, and wastes no time neither in stirring up the interpersonal drama between the feline protagonists nor in throwing the entire cast (and more!) into a very big cat-despised bath-tub of trouble by the time the final pages roll around.  Looking for something truly “different” in comics, but executed by seasoned professionals?  Look no further, eh?

Copra 5

Copra #5: THE OCHIZON SAGA BEGINS! Yes, this is just Michel Fiffe doing his own version of “What if DC’s New Gods were assholes and came to Earth to cause trouble,” but damn if it isn’t 100% great.  I freaking love every panel of this stuff.  You should, too, but hey: whadda you know?  Sheesh.

And that’s it for this week’s update!

Stay tuned for one of those Indie Comics Spotlights I was rambling about up there, this time featuring several books instead of just one!  So, you know…kind of like this post, but with stuff that is more indie…er….ish…ment,,,,ness…AH!

Until then, I am Max.  And I read comics!



One thought on “New Comics Update for 2-5-20!

  1. You forgot …age! Sorry for the inside joke folks. As for the format, I do like the current way you separate the indy… er comics. Having said that, it is your blog, so do whatever you want to at the time!

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