Indie Spotlight: Lucky Comics!

Hello and welcome back to another Indie Spotlight here at Max Reads Comics!

This time around, we’re going to spotlight a publisher rather than a single title.

The publisher in question is Lucky Comics, a small but rapidly growing company helmed by one John Michael Helmer.

Lucky launched in 2014, and then re-launched in 2016, with “Beetle Girl” serving as their flagship character and title.

Beetle Girl is currently on issue 22, but it all started here with issue 1:

BB 1

You may notice the $2.00 price tag up there on that cover, and that is indeed a sweet deal for any comic book these days.  However, each and every Lucky Comic contains “only” 8 pages of story content.  That two dollar fee is for the print version, though: a digital download will only set you back 75 cents, and that’s a steal no matter how you look at it.

Yes, it’s like I said: each and every Lucky Comic is 8 pages long: no more, no less.  Those 8 pages are packed with good old fashioned super focused honest to goodness fun, though, so you hardly miss the 14 odd pages of padding that some other modern comics would have lounging about aimlessly in the service of long, languid, written-for-the-trade-collection six issue “sagas.”

So, Lucky has a format: 8 pages, fun-focused storytelling, and family-friendly content to boot.  All for $2 in print or $.75 in electronic form.  If that all sounds good to you, but you’re not sure you want to read “Beetle Girl” in particular, have no fear: Lucky has PLENTY of other titles to choose from.

In the short time since their launch, Lucky has launched a wide array of other series; many connected to Beetle Girl and her hometown of Hilltop City, and a growing number of titles that take place in their own sub-imprints, existing in separate fictional universes and “hosted” by Lucky as their publisher.

Beetle Girl herself is a member of the Girl Commandos:

GC 1

Her fellow Commando Flame Girl has just received her own solo title at the publisher:

FG 1

Doctor Titan is an occasional ally of Beetle Girl that has plenty going on in his own newly launched solo title:

DT 1

US Jones is a teen power suit wearing hero with a somewhat patriotic flair:

US 1

And SPEAR focuses on a paramilitary organization that Beetle Girl finds herself sometimes allied with and sometimes at odds with:

Spear 1

Lucky has also started to branch out in other genres, such as sword and sorcery with Crom the Barbarian:

crom 1

And, as mentioned, Lucky has become a host to a growing number of imprints, featuring characters outside of the “LuckyVerse” and overseen by their “Editor in Chief” types.

Here’s “The Unbeatable Brick,” flagship title of Mark Davis’s “Surprising Comics” imprint at Lucky:

UB 2

And, last, but, surely not least, here’s the debut issue of Blue Moon Spotlight, featuring Lloyd Smith’s own private collection of heroes, monsters, and more:

BM 1

As you can see, Lucky Comics is coming up fast, and they are bringing a pack of fun, fresh, affordable comics with them.  These titles are all labors of love, and a lot of the work is being done by first time creators, so the edges can be a little rough, but for me, that’s part of the charm.

In two short years, Lucky Comics has become one of my favorite comic publishers, indie or otherwise:

Check them out at Drivethru Comics (for the cheaper of the digital options) or at Indy Planet (for Lucky Comics in print)!


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