New Comics Update for 12-23-20!

Well, hey there, folks!  I know it’s February 2021 at the time of this posting, but howsabout we take look back to the Holiday Season of good ol’ 2020? Still with me?  Okay, then, let’s set the scene: ‘Twas two nights before X-Mas, and all through the ‘net… …these were the new comic books that […]

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New Comics Update for 12-16-20!

The so-called New Comics Update!  Catching us up to still not quite X-Mas of 2020! Go! Amethyst #6: This mini-series came to a fine conclusion, but it’s one that feels pretty empty, since it rather radically upends the classic status quo, but since there seems to be no plans to follow up on this series […]

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New Comics Update for 12-9-20!

It’s New Comics Update coming to you from…the past!  Just imagine: it’s December 9th, 2020! X-Mas is only like 16 days away! The Presidential Election was decided over a month ago and everyone accepted the results and moved on with their lives and looked to the future like sane, sensible adults! Okay, part of that […]

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New Comics Update for 12-2-20!

Well, hey, there! As I wait for whatever the hell it is that’s going to happen on Inauguration Day here, I figured I’d get another one of these posts out! Maybe there will even still be an internet for people to read it on after Jan 20, eh? Well, if so: here’s the new comics […]

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New Comics Update for 11-25-20!

Here we are folks, with the New Comics Update featuring the new comics that I picked up on November 25th, 2020! I’m writing this post on January 16, 2021, because yes, I am that far behind. That’s partly because I have too much going on for my ADD-riddled brain to keep up with. This blog, […]

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