New Comics Update for 7-1-20!

Hello and welcome to a very brief but almost on time (by this blog’s standards) New Comics Update! I only picked up five new comics on July 1st, but they were all pretty darned good! Let’s take a look at ’em, shall we? All-America Comix #1: This book has some behind-the-scenes drama attached to it, […]

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Max Reads Comics: the 100th Post!

They said it would never happen!  Who are they?  Well, they are me, for the most part! And what was it that they/I said would be so unlikely to occur? Well, this: the 100th Post on Max Reads Comics. You know…this post right here.  That you are definitely reading. …..You ARE out there, aren’t you? […]

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New Comics Update for 6-10-20!

Well, hey: if the comics industry wasn’t back to pumping out books full-time back on June 3rd, they sure made up for it on June 10th, eh? This week, we have no less than nine books to look at…. … let’s get to it! Adventureman #1: Here we have the debut of a brand new […]

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New Comics Update for 6-3-20!

Hello and welcome to another New Comics Update here on the MRC! This time around, we have six new books to talk about!  Yes, the icy grip of the COVID-19 shutdown is slowly melting, folks!  Little by little, all the publishers out there and ramping things back up and sending new issues out to the […]

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New Comics Update for 5-20-20!

Well, hello, there!  Yes, it’s true: we have an actual New Comics Update again here on the MRC! The publishers are slowly re-emerging into the light, and I was here to greet them and peruse four of their newest offerings! Let’s take a look, shall we? Dungeons & Dragons: Infernal Tides #3: This excellent series […]

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