New Comics Update for 3-25-20!

All right, people, you know the (new) drill (for now): These are the covers of the new comics that I picked up last week! That’s 12 comic books, people!  That’s a lot!  It’s almost like last week knew what was (not) coming on the week to follow! So, if you want to talk about any […]

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New Comics Update for 3-11-20!

What?  Another New Comics Update, so quickly after the last one?  How can this be?  Is time becoming unstuck?  Or did I just have some rare free time over a certain weekend? No time for explanations now!  Let’s the seize the moment and take a look at some comics! Captain Ginger Season 2 #2: It’s “out of […]

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New Comics Update for 3-4-20!

Hello and welcome back to yet another New Comics Update! It seems that I’m only making time for these kinds of posts here on the MRC, despite my “resolution” to be more dedicated to the “specialty” posts like Mendicant Musings or Hopeless ROM-antics, etc. The thing is, even though I only write a short blurb […]

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New Comics Update for 2-26-20!

Welcome back to yet another New Comics Update, peolple! This week, we have TEN COMIC BOOKS to talk about, so let’s get down to it, shall we? Amethyst #1: Yes, this is a DC comic book, and it’s even a “more or less in continuity” one, too.  What is it doing here in this update, […]

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New Comics Update for 2-19-20!

Welcome back to another New Comics Update! Last week, I picked up seven new comics! Let’s check ’em out, shall we? Dungeons & Dragons: A Darkened Wish #5: Here we have the final issue of this mini-series, and I gotta say: I’ve enjoyed every previous issue, but this one left me kind of cold.  It’s […]

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New Comics Update for 2-12-20!

Welcome back to another New Comics Update here on the MRC! I read seven new comics last week, and, well…here they are! Ascender #9: A modern day favorite of mine teaches a master class in how to pull off “flashback issue” here, revealing shocking details about a major character’s past and introducing massive consequences to […]

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