Indie Comics Spotlight Presents: The Quick and the Dad Strikes Again!

Looking for something a little different than the usual comic book fare?  Something that isn’t the legal property of a major corporate entity (yet)?  Something that’s owned, produced, and sometimes even published by the creators themselves? Well, that’s what the Indie Comics Spotlight is for, people! This time around, we are turning the spotlight back […]

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New Comics Update for 10-23-19!

We’re going to have to start this one on a serious note. My wife Gayle and I lost our very special feline son Benson on Thursday night, October 24th, 2019. Even though we have another cat, his older “sister” Calypso, Benson was always the star of the show.  He was a big boy, in more […]

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New Comics Update 10-16-19!

Welcome back to another (very brief) New Comics Update here on the MRC! This week, we’re only covering three new books. I read more comics than that over the past week, but those will have to wait until my shameful “okay, so I’m peeking back into the DC universe” post. For NOW, though…onto the trio […]

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New Comics Update 10-9-19!

Here we are once more, with a look into new comic books…from one week in the past! This is another light week for me, so it should be easy to make this brief, eh? Let’s give it a shot, at least! Okay….Go! Battlepug #2: I still haven’t gone and read the material preceding this new […]

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Smash Comics #18 Presents: Black X!

Welcome to the middle-or-so of this series of posts based on the contents of one single issue of Smash Comics!  Specifically, Smash Comics #18, originally published in 1940! Now, 1940…that was before the United States joined in on the whole World War II thing, right?  And yet, this comic book seems awfully preoccupied with the […]

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New Comics Update 10-2-19!

Hello and welcome to a post about the new comic books that I picked up last week! We’ve got six books to talk about this time around, so let’s get down to it, shall we? Copra #1: Yes, this is a first issue, but it’s not, really.  There have been 31 issues of this series […]

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